What can I tell you about me?

I make my place in the world through my art.

I'm passionate about creative placemaking, community building, driving positive social change through the arts, and treading lightly on this beautiful planet. Make me a cup of tea and I'll talk to you for hours about what's wrong with the traditional arts model and how I'm working to change it. I advocate for artists taking control of their own practices, selling their own work and being agents of change in their communities. I'm passionate about bringing cleaner, greener practices into the art studio, and encourage art collectors to buy ethically and with an eco conscience.


How about you?

I'm far more interested in YOU than me.

What led you here? How are you making your place in the world? Are you looking to expand your art collection? How can I support you, collaborate with you, work with you? Got some brilliant ideas about how to grow community through the arts? Let's talk.

Below you'll find all the usual professional details about me and my practice but if you really want to know me, come and chat in my studio (or Skype/email). I currently live in Seattle but travel frequently back to England, so if you find yourself anywhere on that flight path, let's connect.

Email jkcalladine@outlook.com


About Jacqueline


JACQUELINE K CALLADINE is an eco-conscious fine artist, working with natural dyes and slow design practices. Her love of line is evident in her textile work and her more recent mixed media abstract drawings. With an emphasis on place-based and site-specific work, she describes herself as an “artist placemaker” and has more than 15 years of building community through the arts, including considerable non-profit arts advocacy and leadership both in the UK and US. Experienced in designing and leading large participatory art projects, residencies and community projects, Jacqueline is a member of the Placemaking Leadership Council, Founder of Impact Artist Collective and the Wild Creative Life community. Her site-specific work has been exhibited in public and private galleries both in the US and the UK.



I am an artist placemaker.

I create site specific and place inspired work that is firmly rooted in the land and influenced by my local environment. As a recent transplant to the US, my art is a personal inquiry into connecting and reconciling my sense of place in a culture that isn’t my own; a dedication to “painting my way home” – a continual search for that place which feels comfortable, safe and secure. I walk daily in search of connection with the earth, looking for similarities between my geographic home and my birth place. Sometimes I find this connection in the plants, which I use as natural dyes; sometimes it’s a sound that sparks a memory, or a shady path that transports me back to the verdant woods of England.

On a communal level, my work is a call to protect nature’s abundant resources. Firmly rooted in slow design and eco practices, my studio is chemical and solvent free, and I work largely with pre-loved or organic materials. My practice is a celebration of Earth and encourages the viewer to recognize that we all find our “home” on the same planet, share the same resources, and as such we are all interconnected; there is a place for us all.

The works are created intuitively: layers upon layers of cloth, paper, dye and paint. My love of line emerges, is hidden and then re-emerges as I add, subtract, conceal then reveal. I play with the materiality of place, leaving works outside to weather, burying cloth to take on the marks of the earth, placing the land directly on my work. The works are my personal cartography: maps of residual memories, landscapes becoming figures, directions home, way finders. Art as a personal compass. Art as Soul Medicine.