Heritage craft combined with a contemporary twist


My textile work is deeply rooted in traditional textile crafts such as embroidery, natural dyeing, weaving and printing. As a trained textile designer I have a passion for SLOW design that embraces the inherent beauty of handcrafted cloth and celebrates the quirks of the maker's hand. I am an artisan natural dyer and use locally foraged plant materials to create my own dyes, paints and inks, which result in cloth that is uniquely of this place, this time, this earth.

 soulful, statement pieces for the ethically conscious collector



Light, bright, affordable art for the contemporary home


My paper based work uses the same plant dyes and attention to quality as my textiles. The change in substrate is remarkable and results in crisp, vibrant marks to which I add my quirky mark making and pops of bright colour with oil pastel or paint.

This work is joyful, playful and will turn any wall of your house into a focal point



Abstract expressionist oil painting from a solvent free studio


Extending my SLOW design philosophy to the painting studio has been an expression of love: love for the earth, my own health, and the health of my family. Eschewing all solvents in favour of pure, natural materials, such as walnut oil, connects my work with the heritage of oil painting and I am passionate about protecting its legacy. This is slow art, only a small collection of paintings come out of the studio - it is precious, rare work. 

Make your home a sanctuary with fine art that respects the earth and the maker



Conceptual craft, slow garments & paper ephemera


Play things, favours, textile treats and plant dyed clothing

. This is me at play. No rules, no obligations, no judgements. The same quality and SLOW philosophy is applied to these small things which are often made with remnants and offcuts from my textile and paper based work.

Buy one as a treat, buy several to make a statement


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