I am an Earth Artist and an Artist Placemaker.

I work directly in nature, gathering materials and tools from the Earth as I record the changing colours and spirit of the year through my seasonal making. I create my own inks, paints and dyes from locally foraged botanical materials and work within a sustainable and slow design framework. I have a symbiotic relationship with my environment, creating in synergy with the weather, making art in - and with - rain, snow, and sun. 

My work explores themes of place, time, and cartography. I map my life through my abstract drawings, searching for ways "home", creating new plans and paths for the future. As a transplant from England to the US, I continually strive to make a home on land that is unfamiliar to me and the making process is the foundation of my "home making". As well as a personal investigation, the work is also a call for us to recognize our shared responsibility in protecting our communal home - the Earth. 

I am rarely to be found in a studio, but when I am confined by four walls, there are no toxic solvents, no manufactured chemicals, no petroleum derived products such as acrylic paints. I advocate for greener studio practices, and am passionate about creating artwork that respects the Earth, the maker, and the buyer. Much of my work is suitable for the vegan home and I create specifically for the ethical, eco-conscious, contemporary collector.