How to be a Wild Creative in 5 easy steps!

Photo by Tanaya Caim

Truth is I was really uncomfortable in this photo above! I'm hanging on to that tiny twig on my left for dear life! I was so scared about how I was going to get down from the tree that I couldn't enjoy being in it. Being wild isn't easy, being a true expression of yourself isn't easy; we are all so caught up in listening to other people's advice, worrying about being the odd one out or worse, being rejected. And isn't rejection the ultimate fear that prevents us from fully stepping into our wild, creative super powers? I haven't blogged for a long time, and it has been fear that has stopped my fingers clicking on the keyboard: fear of not having anything valuable to say, fear of boring people with endless photos of my studio, fear of writing and nobody reading - so much fear! Well I hope that with these Wild Words, I can help put that fear aside for a while, and we can build beautiful, creative practices together while having a little fun along the way! I have your back lovely, just as my beautiful friend had mine when I climbed out of that tree. Photograph above by The Sacred Caim, who encouraged me to find the wild girl within.

So here's a lighthearted list of how to be a Wild Creative in 5 easy steps!! See how many you can embrace this coming week.

  1. Don't take yourself too seriously! Climb trees, dance in the rain, sing in the street, have a disco in your kitchen. Humor is the best antidote to fear and can help us move through difficult, sticky situations and find our true selves again.
  2. Take your shoes off! Walking bare foot is the best way to feel firmly rooted on the earth. Wiggle your toes, notice how the earth supports you and let yourself feel held and nurtured by all of nature around you - it's the best kind of foot massage!
  3. Trust in your gut. Your intuition has your back; don't be scared to use your instinct to make decisions, we have it for a reason!
  4. Build your life around your art. So many women see their art as something that has to be fitted into those small spaces in between - in between the "real" job, the family, and the commitments of the home. Start to see ALL of your life as your art, connect those moments "in between" so that you have a flow of creative energy running through everything you do.
  5. Cherish the power and support of community. Friendship is a treasure, so find some wild creative sisters and share the love, the fun and the work - you're in the perfect place for that!