overcoming procrastination: advice from spider & otter

It takes an expert to spin a web as intricate as a spider's - she's a master of her skill.

The internet is now full of articles about how to present yourself as an expert in your field. Apparently this is now necessary in order to be seen as an "influencer" (the latest buzzword) and to prove your worth. Hmmmm...luckily for you I have no desire to influence so I'll save you the sleazy webinars, and I hope that my writing and artwork speak for themselves. We live in a funny world when the goal is to "influence" others. I'd far rather you find out by *doing*: that's where all the fun is, isn't it? 

I'll tell you what I am an expert in though. Procrastination. Yup, I have notched up the requisite 10,000 hours of practice, have the certificate and the t-shirt. I could teach you a thing or two about procrastination. As we gently drift towards the end of Summer, in my Wild Creative Calendar it's time to harvest work and to get it ready for sale. Autumn/Fall is the season of sharing, showing and selling, and that means work needs to be matted, framed, ready to hang and priced. I HATE doing this bit! This is where I get stuck in my practice. I love to make, I love to share and sell my work, but I detest getting it ready for sale - it's so tedious. And when I loathe doing something, I procrastinate; I create new work even though I have a studio full of it already; I watch a webinar on how to float-mount paper artwork instead of actually mounting the work; I suddenly decide I need to re-organize my studio space; I write a blog post!



When I'm in this sticky web of procrastination, this is the time I need to pull in some masculine energy to get the work done. I'm an ideas person. Like spider, I'm a creative weaver of dreams, but to manifest those dreams I need some support - a structure, scaffolding, a web to catch my ideas.

As I was kayaking this week I came across a river otter's den. You can't HALF build a shelter. Sticks on their own are not a nest, just as a pile of unframed artwork is not a business. It's not enough to swim out, collect the branches and bring them back - even though that's a hard day's work. The otter needs to arrange them into a robust structure that will withstand the weather and the river's current. The otter knows he must finish the work and most importantly, he takes action. The otter doesn't procrastinate. I need that otter medicine in my life!

I have tools I use at this time to help me be more like otter. If you're signed up for my Wild e-Notes, I'll be sharing some of those tools with you soon - sign up to join my creative circle if you'd like to receive those resources too.

Meanwhile, I'd love to hear from you. I invite you to think about when procrastination strikes and what that tells you about your practice/business. Where do you get stuck? Where do you need the most support? In the making? The marketing? The selling? Comment below and I'll see if I can help.

Much love x