Why the World Needs You and Your Unique Art: A New Moon Call

It's New Moon: a time to let go of what no longer serves. It's also the transition to autumn: a time to release in order to make space for rest through the winter, which prepares us for renewal and rejuvenation in spring. This is a sacred time. An opportunity to pause, sit with the darkside for a moment and to make the personal changes necessary to support your Wild Creative Life and business through the next two seasons. 

So what's the point of release? And what does it really mean to let go of what no longer serves you?


This week I met my s/hero, Tara Mohr, and listened to her speak about her book Playing Big. I don't often use the term "must-read" but ALL girls and women need to read this book. Through her Playing Big research, Tara gives insight into why women often "play small", and offers practical tools to overcome the barriers to living fully expressed, creative, ethically conscious lives. Her work is a call to women to shake off the patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us. It's also a call for courage. 

Until this summer I always thought that releasing what no longer served me, meant letting go of the activities, relationships, jobs and ventures for which I no longer had anything to offer. That if I didn't have the time, the necessary skills or passion, that was the time to move on. What Tara and my experience this year has shown me, is that this is only half of the equation, it's the easy part!

It's not a struggle to let go of something for which we have no time, or that brings us little joy. But what happens when we are involved in activities that are honourable, worthy, bring us respect, recognition, or feed our ego? What happens when we have skills to offer, value to give, but none of it is directed towards our own dream? What happens when even the "good" stuff we are involved in takes time and energy away from the pursuit of our own life purpose? Then it's not so easy to walk away or to let go. We may feel a sense of obligation, duty or fall into the martyr's role - "well nobody else is going to do it, so I guess it's me that will have to step up!" This is where courage is needed.

This summer I stepped away from a nonprofit leadership role that has been a major part of my life for the last three years. I still had much to offer, but I knew deep down that it wasn't serving my life's purpose, my True North - my Wild Creative community. It was a difficult decision, but here's the truth:


I am not the only person that can lead that nonprofit.

I AM, however, the only person that can lead this Wild Creative community.


And that, my lovely friends, is why you need to sometimes release even some of the "good" stuff. If you don't make room in your life for your creative dream, then it will never happen. Here's more truth:


YOU are the only person that can create your art.

YOU are the only person that can write that blog post, or that life-changing book.

YOU are the only person that can create YOUR unique magic in the world.

And the world needs you.



Tweet: Choosing yourself, releasing what no longer serves YOU, is the greatest act of love for yourself that you can make.@jkcalladine
Choosing yourself, releasing what no longer serves YOU, is the greatest act of love for yourself that you can make.


So here's my New Moon Call:


Have the courage to release what no longer serves YOU. 

Have the courage to let go of even the good stuff - the things you do out of "duty" or "ego" or because "nobody else will do it, so I have to".

Make space for the AMAZING to enter your life.

Have the courage to step fully into YOU, into YOUR art and share it with the world. 



Imagine a world in which everyone is able to fully express their Wild Creative soul, to bring their unique gifts to the world with humility, respect, and love for each other. Isn't that the world you want to live in? Isn't that why you create in the first place? 

Now take action my sweet. Today. New Moon. Release.

Much love xo